Daraz website records 151 million visits in 2017

Daraz has thanked its customers with a letter as the year 2017 ends. They have also shared their milestones and achievements of 2017.

In 2017, you visited us 151 million times. You searched through our million plus products, 55 million times. You came, you searched, we delivered. The year saw us launch D-Mart, making Daraz your go-to place for daily essentials. We introduced you to new brands like Xiaomi and Elephone, all the while giving you five record breaking sales.

We wanted you to enjoy not just the products, but the experience. We introduced a Seller University for our base of 6,000 sellers, training them to put your needs first. We acquired new warehousing space of 150,000 sq. ft with a four times bigger fleet, reducing delivery time by half. Every time you called, we answered, replying to over two million calls. We launched EMI and bank transfers so your wish lists could be fulfilled on your terms. We were there for all of you, reaching you wherever you are, travelling 25 million kilometres this year, delivering to 731 cities, from Hala to Hunza.

As we grew, so did our community. We brought in promising graduates for the ‘Daraz Future Leaders Programme.’ We doubled employment opportunities, and helped thousands of Pakistanis with our ‘Asaan Zakat’ campaign. We couldn’t have achieved any of this without your support. Pakistan’s first three billion rupee saleis yours, as much ours. Here’s to you, and a bigger and better 2018!


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