On a chilly day the only thing that might convince you to get out of your warm comfortable bed is a hot soothing shower but what if the only benefit it has is of the warm comfort? What if a nice hot shower is unhealthy?

Various studies have shown that having hot showers on a daily basis for more than thirty minutes can cause fertility issues. And those with the issue are strictly advised to take cold water bath in order to avoid any inconvenience in the future.

Secondly, hot showers can cause dry skin as it soaks up the moisture from your skin which can further cause rashes and other allergies if precautions aren’t taken so if you continue to take hot water baths you must moisturise your skin on an everyday basis.

A warm and a comfortable shower can further make you feel lazy and sleepy rather than heightening your senses and waking you up for a new day. So if you’re planning on taking a hot water bath before going to work in the morning, it won’t work for you instead you would want to take another nap after that.

The most damaging affect it has on us is the hair loss, the hot pouring water on your head can damage the roots of our hair resulting in excessive hair fall.

So, you better keep these things in mind before you jump into a hot water bath next time.


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