Copy Paste – An Emerging trend in Pakistani Fashion Industry!

The trend of replication has been in the fashion industry from a pretty longer period of time, but for many people replication was limited to the extent of some small manufacturers copying the designs and layouts of the big names.

However, nowadays what we can see is that many well known brands which are considered to be the giant ones in the fashion industry are also taking equal part in this league of replication but in a pretty different style. These big names like Elan and Z.S Textiles have been copying more of the shoots of one another.

It has been observed in the current launch of the new collection from the 2 brands that their shoots were more or less the same, in terms of their poses or in terms of their backgrounds. The places selected for the shoot are same and also the styles of poses which makes no different between their shoot campaign and this is something pretty much surprising for the fans.

This could be something pretty much unnoticeable for many people because the main inclination of people mostly lies on the replication of clothing designs, or design of bags and shoes. However, this is something big and a much unexpected kind of replication.


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