Clash Between India and Pakistan Once Again – PAF in Action!

Surgical Strike

Terms between India and Pakistan have been on fire since the day of partition and the main point of clash is Kashmir since the day one. Well, we have seen in the past that the relationship between the two countries have always been on fire and this time once again the two countries are standing facing one another ready for surgical strike.

Due to the heated discussions and arguments, India violated the line of control and tried to attack Pakistan by being aggressive, this aggression on the part of India has made the PAF stand stood against all such violations and the Air Force of Pakistan is all ready to respond to every single violation made by India.

Upon such an act on the part of India, the Pakistani government has become pretty serious and in action, they are ready to retaliate and respond according to what India actually deserves. The government officials in Pakistan, the leaders of different parties everybody is in support of PAF and against the violations made by India condemning this act of them.

The PAF is pretty much in action and even in the morning when air jets of India entered the premises violating the line of control two jets were targeted and pilot was arrested. On the other hand, the airports of certain cities in Pakistan have been shut down for the domestic and international operations. Moreover, the government as well as people is in a view of boycotting all sorts of Indian products, movies and dramas to show their anger and grief over the initiative taken by India.


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