Chinese Men Marrying Pakistani Girls – Scandal

Mehak Pervaiz belongs to a very needy family living in Islamabad, she works in a salon and earns Rs. 18000 a month and her father is a Rickshaw driver.  Few months ago Mehak went to attend a wedding in Faisalabad where she saw that the Christian bride was getting married to a Chinese groom and this though made her very appealed. She also wanted to go to china and get married to a Chinese man so that her poor conditions may get stabilized.

However, she got in touch with the people who fix such marriages and found a groom for herself, she was very happy about it and wanted to make the conditions of herself and her family better, however, after he marriage she was moved to Lahore in a house where other girls were also present and all of them were giving statements that they are moving to China on their own will. Mehak already suspected that something is wrong and when she tried to inquire about it and took a stand she was blackmailed by the personnel there. She left with her father as he came to visit her and saved her life, she now plans to take divorce from that man.

Similarly cases have taken place much these days and a lot of groups have been arrested because they convince girls to marry them and tell them that they are rich people from China whereas after marriage these girls are taken to China and are sold for prostitution or their body parts are being taken off and misused. The boys are also the ones form the villages of China and none of them is Christian even. Mehak also got to know that the man she got married to already had two wives in Pakistan.

Most of the women as per the Voice of America and Saleem Iqbal are being taken from Pakistan fro wrong purposes and many of them are pregnant too so now taking care of their children and looking after them is also very difficult for their families so for many girls the way to take divorce is also closed.


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