Seemingly Promoting Political Party PTI? Seemingly Promoting Political Party PTI? Seemingly Promoting Political Party PTI?

As mentioned in the title, this post is about “ Seemingly Promoting Political Party PTI?” With the general elections date in Pakistan for 2018 almost upon us, being overwhelmed by campaigns by different political parties left, right and center is hard to avoid. And if you can get away long enough from those campaigns, it’s still all anyone can talk about these days – understandably so – especially with the drama stirred up by the imprisonment of former Prime Minister of Pakistan and leader of political party PML-N, Nawaz Sharif and his daughter Maryam Nawaz. All of that is understandable, but what I personally feel is wrong is the deluge of smear campaigns by various political parties and their supporters in an attempt to sway the general population towards or against different parties. Not only do they get exceedingly disrespectful, especially in their usage of foul language, but also degrade everyday citizens who have chosen not to side with their point of view. I myself feel offended by these smear campaigns as well and wonder what confusion they must wreak upon others as well. Seemingly Promoting Political Party PTI?

However, recently I found something that upset me just as much but with its seemingly clever subtlety rather than aggressive forwardness like the above mentioned campaigns. Just this Wednesday, one of Pakistan’s largest E-commerce platforms, posted a video concerning the elections. They asked people what they would like in a leader and what changes they would want them to bring the country and urged them to vote to bring about that change. Their slogan for this video was “This is your time to make a difference! Mulk ko badalnay ke liye VOTE chahiye!” which seems suspiciously similar to the slogan PTI is using for these elections which is “Mulk ko badalna ha, ballay par Mohar Lagana ha”. To me, it felt a lot like Seemingly Promoting Political Party PTI. and pushing people to vote for them. A private Pakistani company picking sides in national elections and indirectly promoting them as well? Sounds wrong and highly unprofessional to me. It could just be a coincidental, innocent mistake on their part but could such a large and successful company really be inexperienced enough to make such a mistake? Brands and companies are supposed to remain neutral and not try to influence opinions that aren’t even related to them by meddling in politics. Having been a fan of previously, I do not like Seemingly Promoting Political Party PTI. I can only hope that this isn’t true but my skepticism due to the glaring similarities between the two taglines seems to be winning out. Is this an innocent mistake on Cheetay’s part or is this a subtle attempt at taking political sides? You be the judge.

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