Careem Hacked: Customer and Captain data leaked in a massive security breach

Careem stated the monstrous security break in which names, email addresses, telephone numbers and outing history information of captains and customers was stolen.

Group of hackers succeeded to get hands on their server on 14th January, 2018.  Earlier today In a blog post Careem explained the whole scenario.

No misuse or false utilize was reported because of security breach by the company , but they didn’t tell publically about the number of customers and captains who were affected.

National claims that up to 14 million people were affected by the data breach.

The personal data of up to 14 million people in the Middle East, North Africa, Pakistan and Turkey has been stolen by online criminals in a cyber-attack on the systems of Dubai ride sharing platform Careem.

The company,s system was breached by the hackers and data was stolen including captain’s and customer’s emails, phone numbers, trip data and addresses.

There was no evidence that your credit card number or password had been compromised for customers who had related their credit card data with their Careem accounts.

Users advised to review their emails, credit card information and bank accounts and change their passwords for safety.

Gaps and vulnerabilities used by the hackers are removed by Careem . They are working with government experts and cyber security specialists for a wide investigation


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