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When I ventured out into the streets of Lahore this weekend, I decided to try something new. Being a foodie, I visited places like Pizza Hut and Bundu Khan often. But it was right in the middle of these two delicacies (literally) that I found home.

Cafe Hollywood was like nothing I’ve ever seen before. Based on an entirely Hollywood centric theme, it caught my attention immediately with the Oscar statue that greeted me as soon as I stepped in through the doors. I was greeted pleasantly by a staff member behind a podium by the entrance, and then was guided to my table. So far so amazing!

The first thing that caught my eye was the awe-inspiring interior. I later discovered that the entire design had been thought out by two very talented people I was soon about to meet. These were none other than Rabia Mazhar and Mustafa Mazhar, the youngest foodpreneurs of Pakistan!

“We travelled a lot,” Rabia told me, “which meant I got to know of the core cultures of many places around the globe, especially USA. When we came back to Pakistan and set up Café Hollywood, we had already decided what the theme was going to be: A blend of everything.”

Through Hollywood, these guys did just that. They blended in all of the good themes and planned the perfect recipe for a start-up restaurant in Pakistan.

From the unique wall designs to the various themes, the interior is lush. When you enter, you see a genuine remake of the Hollywood Walk of Fame on the floor tiles. Look up and the ceiling is laid with striking pictures of celebrities you adore.

Each wall has a different theme; some have family photos to give a more homely look, while others have scenic beauties from around the world. They have Harry Potter themed pillars with banners of the four famous houses, as well as Disney’s classical theme too! These themed designs truly add a touch of love into everyone’s hearts. If that isn’t enough, the Venice styled bar at the far end will surely make you ‘awe’.

Another factor that really did put a smile on my face was how much of a guest I was to the Cafe. I didn’t feel like another customer. The waiters Amir and Fahim served me with respect and one of the owners himself came along and greeted me, asking me if everything was to my liking. I was overwhelmed!

All in all, the Cafe has now become one of my favorite places to dine. It even has reserved areas for private dining with you can pre-book. They host events for families as well, and provide proper service to anyone who needs quality time with their loved ones.

Their exclusive burger deals include the ‘Mac n Cheese’ Burger and the ‘Chilli Mint Burger’, along with their special ‘Red Velvet Cheese Swirl Brownie’. A variety of drinks are available along with the Chilli Mint Blast which you won’t find anywhere else. Personally, I loved their steak!


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