Broken Skull of the Wrestler Shows How Risky Things Could Go

Stunts are a part of wrestling and when they go wrong your life may go wrong as witnessed in this story. This wrestler Shawn Phoenix was badly injured when one of the stunts he was performing in the wrestlemania went wrong. This was life threatening and his skull got damaged completely with the loss of hearing he actually borne.

This stunt was actually based on the thought of wrestler to jump over his opponent who was standing over the table that was placed on the floor. However, as soon as he stepped up the rope and jumped over towards the table, the rival moved away by sliding and the jump made by Phoenix actually ended up breaking the table. As the table broke he was found lying on the floor with one of his side of skull being damaged entirely, he even lost his sense of hearing.

The incident was a very painful one and was featured with the a lot of blood all over his face, he was immediately taken to hospital for first aid and the wound turned out to be something massive. Though the wrestler himself seems to beat peace as he is sharing his video of incident all over his social media and is also stating that how risky these stunts could be.


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