Brand War Between Careem and Pepsi Proved Beneficial for Pakistanis

Careem and Pepsi

tweeting with fun filled statements is always something that runs in the blood of the Pakistanis. upon inquiring about the promo codes unavailability these days by a Careem customer, Careem played a bit too funny for fun on Twitter.

Careem responded the customer with a joke of offering a Pepsi instead of a promo code to which the brand Pepsi reacted. Pepsi being too much on the sensitive side with its brand name instructed Careem with a tweet to refrain from using their brand name without permission. However, Careem took it pretty lightly and called Pepsi a sensitive company.

Pepsi being pretty much serious about the tweet, responded back with a statement that calls for providing a legal notice to Careem, but rather tan stopping the twitter war Careem further responded with more jokes.

As the tweets continue finally a cease fire had to be turned on and Saad Khan, Marketing Manager of Pepsi announced that they will be giving 1 million promo codes on their Pepsi bottles. people might think that Careem would have been regretful about this tweeting game but no! Careem is yet a fearful and challenge taking brand that responded with the idea of offering 2 million promos on Pepsi Bottles.

In the entire scenario people not only enjoyed the heated entertainment between the two brands over the weekend rather they will now enjoy Pepsi with Careem promo codes too.



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