Bol Hu by Nescafe Basement Touching the Skies!

Nescafe Basement is back with a bang and they started off with a seamless song Bol Hu by Soch – The Band. This season grasp with itself numerous positive appreciations made and that is because of the strength and passion found in the song.

This song ” Bol Hu ” took a highest lead all over the channels and social media because of the outstanding music and voice featured. The introduction of the little 8 year old girl Hadia was also something commendable and the entire credit of appreciation of the song goes to that little girl who made it possible for the Nescafe Basement to rock this way. The Indian following has also been appreciating this young girl with an awestruck and these reactions are making everyone go crazy.

The level of appreciation received from the Indians is out of the world and they have stated that this girl is now going to make Nescafe Basement a massive hit


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