Big Achievement for LUMS – Facebook Integrity Foundational Research Award

LUMS (Lahore University of Management and Sciences) is known for its utmost skills and this time once again has made a legacy. LUMS won the Facebook Integrity Foundational Research Award possessing an amount of about $50,000. This award was basically won for the proposal they submitted in the research conducted at the international level. The subject of the proposal was the impact which may be observed by the misinformation that travels in Pakistan keeping an eye on the digital literacy. The two professors named as Dr. Ayesha Ali and Dr. Ihsan Ayyub Qazi were the instructors of this proposal.

The aim of this proposal is to boost the innovative and compelling ideas so that the knowledge held by the genuineness could travel as a mutual interest.

The concept of this proposal and research was based on the traveling of fake news on the different social media platform specially Whatsapp and Facebook which has been observed most commonly in Pakistan. This proposal will bridge the gap between the two different concepts being digital literacy and how the misinformation travels quickly among the people and has negative impacts.

The leads of the proposal, Dr. Ayesha and Dr. Ihsan stated that the main concept of emerging this proposal is to eliminate or negate the effect of the misinformation that travel on social media and it will help highlighting the negative impacts on the minds of the public at large.

Dr. Ayesha also added that how much of the credit goes to LUMS for such research projects as they welcome to bring about new studies for the benefit of the people and their faculty and students are equally responsible for bringing about the best research projects that may prove to be helpful in the longer run.

Dr. Ayesha Ali

This award is part of the finest win for the LUMS and the credit goes to the management, faculty and students as everyone adds their share equally in every achievement which has been yet attained by the university.


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