Asad Umar To Go Live ON Facebook

Asad Umar

Recent government has taken a very positive step by doing Live session of Asad Umar  over Facebook, this will help government to directly interact with the audience.

Asad Umar during his session, explain that last whole year exchange rate was very stable but how about the exports. Exports in last 4 years were very very less and import was on peak this already lead to the poverty and current situation happened due to all such things.

He explains that devaluation in PKR rupee has been decreased during PTI government, as this current government is more focused in exports rather than importing products.

He also explained, Dollar rate will also get stable in few days and will come to 137.

During discussion regarding FBR Tax defaulters, he explain that we have big list but we can’t give notices  to everyone. so we are starting from top and from 30,000 then we will move to next.

He will have meeting with FBR on Tuesday regarding the TAX defaulters, and those who haven’t submitted their records. Also steps will be taken for overseas Pakistanis those are having property overseas and not showing anything in record.

He also explained this law is not for opponents only, but for everyone.

Regarding poverty, he explain that from last 4 years old government didn’t take measurable steps that is the only reason of poverty. Now we have taken steps to reduce the poverty.

There is no Tax for the person with salary below then 200,000, they have Reduced gas prices, reduced LPG prices. All the Taxes are implemented only on the people who have power to pay. We are not giving burdens to poors. All the burden they have properly planned, this won’t affect poor.

Also reduced the prices for diesel, petrol and all other petroleum products!






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