ACCA and SDPI Take the Matter of Sustainable Development on Board

In Islamabad, 7th December 2018, a conference was held under the tagline of 21st Sustainable Development conference and the two main parties to this conference, ACCA and SDPI shared dialogues upon the matter of sustainable development in Pakistan.

The main aim of this conference was to make an emphasis upon spreading the bridges towards better economies however, on the other than they also shed some light on the subject of peace which is crucial for the country like Pakistan. The main purpose of this conference was to promote the sense of peace, social and economical policy and betterment of trade and knowledge in the country. They stressed and emphasized upon the role of the lawmakers towards the bright future of the country and how these policies associated with sustainable development may prove being a root cause to this.

In the conference discussions and routes towards the development were discussed and in this discussion many of the higher authorities participated with keen interest and ensured the fact that there must be some positivity in light for the better future of Pakistan. There are many issues in palace which may include the matter of sanitation, energy, lack of social justice and gender inequality which must be eliminated and everyone should be provided with a mental relief in terms of peace and provision of basic necessities at its best.

The two heads from SDPI and ACCA Dr. Abid Qaiyum Suleri SDPI and Sajjeed Aslam emphasized upon bring about a provision of connectivity on global level as this could be a gateway to introduce new methods and innovations which may in turn benefit the country in a positive way. They focused on the concept of learning form one another and bringing about the new partnerships from the global channel.


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