Abid Brohi new song Kaam Dou defines unemployment issue

Kaam dou

Abid Brohi Debut his latest song Kaam dou

Abid Brohi is the new emerging and young artist in Pakistan famous among our youth. He released his second song “Kaam dou“after his first debut song The Sibi Song. The song is amazing and hilarious and so much popular among our young girls and boys.

Brohi started the song with the famous quote by former Chief Minister “degree degree hoti hay, chahay asli ho ya jaali”

The core theme of the song is unemployment and the Brohi is the only one who is  addresses it, not just lyrically but through the music video as well, in a way that is neither preachy nor offensive.

A degree is a degree, whether fake or real.

Abid Brohi presented himself in different looks to represent different groups of people who are unemployed.

In the song Abid Brohi discussed the pressure taken by young souls and the song also contains the advice to study hard whether we all know the future problems regarding unemployment and for starting a new career.

Raza Shah directed colorful music video for the single, who also directed ‘The Sibbi Song’  the Lux Style Award winning music video and found Brohi in performance mode, sporting various looks. He represents all the varied groups of people who are affected by unemployment, while making a subtle statement on the greater truths.


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