Aasia Bibi flew to Netherlands

aasia bibi

Mystery Of Aasia Bibi Leaving the Country

The blasphemy case over Aasia Bibi was as fresh on 31st October 2018 as it was in the year 2009 when she was being arrested over the charges and was sent for prison. However, from the past few years nobody was even expecting her release. On 31st October, she was released of all the accusations placed on her by the judgment of Supreme Court.

On her release, the entire country faced terrible protests and strikes being called, a lot of damage was also faced by the local public and people were locked in their houses. On one side the country was facing protests whereas on the other Aasia Bibi flew to Netherlands. BBC Urdu has confirmed this news.

Flying of Aasia Bibi and Her Lawyer and was given temporary AYLSUM

The protestors and leaders of TLP urged the government to put Aasia Bibi’s name on ECL as they were expecting she might fly away, but since there was no conviction against her the Minister of State refused this act to be conducted. Aasia bibi’s lawyer also flew to Netherlands as he was also facing some death threats like Aasia Bibi and he got temporary Asylum in Netherlands.

The entire process of protests that took placed between 31st October to 2nd November was much damaging and there was a chaos in the big cities of Pakistan, the impacts were also observed in the smaller towns and everything was being shut.

Imran Orders for Compensation

During the protests the local public faced most of the damages, vehicles, shops, kiosks and what not was being burnt and damaged during the protests and the people who earn their daily wages with a minimal amount were left empty handed. In order to compensate their loss, Prime Minister Imran Khan in his speech announced to repay their damages as they don’t deserve this.

Further in his speech he also stated that the government is trying to make ends meet financially since the country is in severe crises and these events would only damage the efforts and disturb peace.


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