A wise man once said: “Love is blind” and we cannot agree more when it comes to this newly wedded couple of Aamir Liaquat Hussain and Tooba Aamir. These two have been the talk  of the town ever since they shared their wedding photos on social media and have been appearing on  various morning shows together and talking about their relationship. While we’re on that, on a recent morning show Tooba Aamir said that she had saved her husband’s number in her phone with the name of ‘Panther’ just because he’s very energetic and can work for 33 hours straight without getting tired.

Aaamir Liaquat

However, ever since this news appeared on the social media, Pakistanis couldn’t stop themselves from trolling about it and we’re with them on this one! Calling Aamir Liaquat a panther surely brings shame to the Panthers all around the world. And if we’re talking about the animals who don’t get tired easily, well  monkeys are one of them, if you know what we mean, lol!


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