99-year-old swimmer smashes world record for freestyle – Corones

99 years old George Corones

George Corones Smashes the World Record

An Australian 99 years old man Corones, who will celebrate his 100th birthday upcoming month, has recently smashed a world record at the Commonwealth Games trials.

Brisbane swimmer George Corones, 99 years old, was the only competitor in the 100 to 104 years men’s master category and set a period of 56.12 seconds for one length of the Gold Coast Aquatic Center pool, which will have the swimming at the April 4-15 Games.

George Corones

The Albany Creek retiree, who hands 100 over April, completed the 50m freestyle in an epic 56.12 seconds at the Gold Coast Aquatic Center on Wednesday night, as indicated by The Sydney Morning Herald.

Corones swam alone in race, with the group ejecting as he devastated the past record for the 100-104 age group by just about 40 seconds.

The 99-year-old man’s son Harry Corones said his inspirational father swims and goes to the gym three days a week, lives alone, logs onto his computer to check the stock market everyday and still manages to drive himself around.

“He’s jumping out of his skin at the moment because he’s been training so well,” Mr Corones told 9NEWS.
“His philosophy is you’ve got to keep moving.”

Corones has no plans to slow down just yet, now plotting to smash the world records in the 100m freestyle and breaststroke. “It would be wrong to stop now,” Corones said


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