5 Trendy Lip Colors For Winters

Lip Colors

Winters are here and so are the makeup trends for the newly arrived season. The trend that never goes unnoticed is that of the lip colors, it is definitely something that changes the entire makeup look and is definitely something that changes a girl’s mood, it can take you from feeling down to feeling sexy within seconds!

Here are top five lip colors that are ruling over the chilly season:

Bronze metallic

Everyone loves a little sparkle, and when it’s on your lips it gets a 100 times more attractive! These shades are perfect for everyday use, whether you’re going to work or a party, just know what shades to pick and you’re good to go!

Violet LipColor

Let’s be honest, it’s the kind of color that not every woman can pull off easily, you must pick the right occasion, outfit and the right eye makeup look. If you can do that then we’re sure that you’ll rock this color.

Classic Red Lip Color

Red surely never gets old, it is the kind of color that can make a woman feel 1000 times sexier than she already is. This color gives you confidence in so many ways that we cannot even explain! Red sure is a perfect shade for a chilly night out.

Nude Lip Color

Well, nude is always a good option, it is the perfect shade for everyday office work and even for parties. You can easily pull this color off with either a shimmery or a smoky eye makeup.

Black Lip Color

Black is one of the newest trends we’ve come along this winter and we are loving it! It is so much more attractive and sexier than all of the other shades, this color catches the other person’s attention within seconds! Believe me, no-one can hate this color.



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