4 Fraudsters Accused of $200 Million Online Theft Arrested by FIA

FIA, the premier investigating agency of Pakistan, busted a gang of people who were committing online fraud to dupe innocent victims. The agency has arrested 4 individuals who are believed to have stolen more than PKR 200 million from nearly 10000 Pakistani citizens. These 4 developed a fake website and fooled their victims by posing as representatives of an international marketing agency.

Abdul Ghaffar, the Deputy Director of FIA Karachi, in a chat with the personnel from the print and electronic media, said that these 4 individuals had cloned a popular marketing agency based in Italy. They duped Pakistani citizens by doling out fake currencies. The modus operandi of these criminals was very clever. They told online users of their website that they would issue virtual currencies upon payment in PKR. They even charged a nominal fee of $1.5 per transaction from their unsuspecting victims. They were able to win the trust of more than 1000 users who deposited nearly 200 million PKR in return for these fake currencies.

The accused were nabbed from different parts of Karachi by FIA. The agency is on the lookout for another two suspects who were involved in cheating the people in the same case. These two suspects are said to be hailing from Nawabshah. FIA says instances of cyber crimes are on an increase and the agency has nabbed many culprits involved with different types of online frauds.

Last month, a man was deprived of his hard earned money when he shared the details of his bank account with someone on phone. He found that 50000 PKR was stolen from his account.


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