3G/4G Users crossed 54.6 Million in April 2018 in Pakistan


According to the Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) the number of 3G /4G users in Pakistan has reached 54.66 million by end April 2018.

Number of mobile phone users also increased in Pakistan by 149.66 million by end April 2018 as compared to 149.10 million by end March 2018.

An increase of 0.56 million is observed in during this period.

Zong 3G users increased from 9.187 million by end March to 9.34 million by end April, though the number of 4G users jumped from 6373061 by end March to 6779753 by end April 2018.

Jazz’s total number of 3G users decreased to 14.92 million by end April 2018 compared to 14.98 million by end March 2018, a decrease of 0.06 million. Jazz 4G users increased from 3155686 by end March to 3669794 by end April 2018.

The number of 3G users on Telenor increased from 10.928 million by end March 2018 to 10.933 million by end April. The number of 4G users on Telenor also increased from 2451057 by end March to 2736597 by end April.

Ufone, number of 3G users increased to 6.282 million by end April 2018 compared to 6.165 million by end March 2018.

Tele density for cellular mobiles reached 75.25 percent and broadband subscribers reached 56946252 by end April 2018 compared to 55558824 by end March 2018.


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