1000 New Screens to be introduced in the Cinemas of Pakistan


The new government of Pakistan seems to be much interested in boosting the entertainment sector which has been much neglected by the previous governments. However, the current objective as stated by Fawad Chaudhry lies in bringing about 1000 screens in the cinemas industry of Pakistan.

However, from the past few years we can see that many cinemas have been in place and people are feeling encouraged and motivated to pay a visit to these cinemas and add some entertainment in their lives, however, as per the latest reports there are about 138 screens in the country all over and the target set is to reach to about 1000. There were times when the film industry of Pakistan was among the top most film makers but in between a few years faced the dark shades and not even a single movie was being produced. However, form the past few years the film industry has been observed to boost and there is a huge income flowing to the media sector.


As per the reports, this new imitative on the part of this new government to bring about 1000 screens in the form of cinemas will also add to the income of the movies. Apart from the local productions, movies from the Hollywood and Bollywood will also be featured on these screens and these will also lead to boosting the entertainment business and a point of income generation to a number of film makers and to the country overall.


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