100 Days to PTI Government What has been Achieved to Date!

100 Days to PTI Government

People while voting for the elections 2018 had high hopes from the PTI party and it was the winner of the elections too. Prime Minister Imran Khan made countless promises from the public and also laid down different strategies to achieve these targets being setup.

The team of this newly established government seems to be much polished and purpose oriented from the day one and this thought had made people believe in the government and the positivity to be expected in Pakistan. This government has been working hard day and night and trying to make both ends meet but obviously the terrible situation of the country is not of 100 days so it is impossible to be sorted out in 100 days as well.

Lot of people still shown trush on current government!

Appreciated his act to provide shelter to homeless people!

However, this government at the point of finishing 100 days arrived up in the ceremony and stated future plans and strategies too. As for now, this government has signed MoU with about 26 counties as they plan to bring back the money of this back again here, with their anti-encroachment drives they have been able to get away with the release of the land which was illegally taken over the land mafia and much more.

As far as the economic position of the country is concerned, Asad Umar is playing a vital role by way of deploying his skills and practical experience using different strategies and making it improved. They have made best efforts of increasing exports and decreasing imports and also, they have announced the release of a payment method like PayPal which would be a major innovation in Pakistan and will help bring money to the country.

The main aim of this country lies in not seeking any help from the IMF and make the financial position strong and they are trying their best to achieve their target.


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